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My wife and I have lived in Cambridge for 20 years. Our kids are entering 4th and 9th grade in the Cambridge Public Schools. I am serving my first term on the School Committee. I am the only member of the School Committee who has been a classroom teacher.


As a child I entered public school with many advantages – and I did well academically, loved my teachers, made lifelong friends – and hated school.


I didn’t have enough agency – and I saw disparities in opportunity all around me in my diverse hometown.


This fueled my lifelong commitment to closing the persistent racial and economic opportunity gaps in our schools and advancing educational equity while ensuring all kids have joyful, enriching school experiences so they can succeed on their own terms before and after graduation.


I've pursued these goals as a public school teacher, as a scholar of education policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as a program leader in mission-driven organizations and at universities, and as a Cambridge Public Schools parent and advocate.

Every two years we elect a school committee team in Cambridge. We need a teacher, parent and collaborative organizational leader on that team.


I ask for your #1 vote on November 2nd to make sure our Cambridge School Committee team includes

Someone who has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure that our health and safety measures are guided by the best available research, in partnership with our teachers and our families.

Someone who stayed focused on making progress towards our short and long-term educational priorities even as we managed our pandemic response.

Someone who has been a classroom teacher in public elementary schools and high schools.

Someone who knows our Cambridge schools as a parent of kids in our classrooms right now.

Someone who knows what questions we need to ask about educational policy – and when we need to ask others for their experience and knowledge.

Someone who works well with others – even in the most challenging times around the most critical issues – to get the job done for our children.


I have had literally hundreds of conversations with other Cambridge families, students, community members and with our CRLS alumni to understand the myriad challenges we face. I consistently come away from these conversations excited about our achievements – and frustrated. We have so much in Cambridge. The people, the financial resources, the municipal programs, the community organizations, and the innovative businesses. How can we still be failing so many of our children?

I ask you to vote David #1 for School Committee on November 2nd. Let's work together.


– David


The Skills, Experience and Perspective to Serve

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  • I was a certified public school classroom teacher, teaching high school English and art, K-12. I have also worked with children with special learning needs, and as a substitute teacher at the New York School for the Deaf.

  • I am deeply engaged with the Cambridge Public Schools as a parent and an advocate for public education, with two children in our elementary and upper schools right now. Prior to my election to the School Committee I served on a Cambridge elementary school council, a principal search advisory committee, teacher hiring committees, and as a rep to the Cambridge Citywide School Advisory Group (CSAG).

  • I researched educational policy and earned a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focused on school reform and teacher leadership.

  • I am a collaborative organizational leader who has guided and grown a national civic education program based at Brandeis University. I have specialized in education, outreach, engagement, communications, and program management for 19 years in education-focused nonprofit organizations and at Brandeis University.

  • I am a Cambridge Public Schools parent: our son is in 4th grade; our daughter is in 9th grade

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