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"Cambridge Issues Vote of Confidence in School Committee, Reelects All Four Incumbents"

"The four incumbents — Rachel B. Weinstein, David J. Weinstein, José Luis Rojas Villarreal, and Caroline M. Hunter — will return to their positions on the School Committee for the upcoming term. Hunter, Rachel Weinstein, and David Weinstein worked together to introduce a September motion to establish Algebra 1 in all Cambridge middle schools by 2025."

The Boston Globe: "Cambridge MCAS scores show full recovery from pandemic”

“David Weinstein, a Cambridge School Committee member, said the MCAS scores were only one measure of how students are doing in his city. Emotional and social health, he said, are important, too, and he worries about how students from disadvantaged groups are faring. …Weinstein said the district must work to continue to close opportunity and achievement gaps between students from different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. ‘It’s really great to see the results of the work we’ve been doing — and we’re not satisfied.’”

The Crimson: “Cambridge School Committee Votes in Favor of Motion Expanding Algebra 1 Across Cambridge Middle Schools”

"'This will now be consistent across the entire district, so we can also better ensure that all kids in Cambridge have the same kind of preparation and sequencing for math by the time they get to eighth grade,' Weinstein said. '...I think we can have more consistency in the way math instruction is happening.”


"Weinstein said the district’s plan to expand Algebra 1 education to all eighth grade students will set 'a high floor for our students,' which will involve 'supporting them to get there.'

'I and others on the committee are really committed to seeing this through, and seeing this through in a way that is consistent with our equity and anti-racism commitments,' Weinstein said."

Register Forum: “Menstrual Product Equity: Are We Leading by Example?”

"School Committee member David Weinstein described to the Register Forum, 'I am proud that we as a district made this commitment and are leading on this. In practice, we are falling short of that commitment, though not through any intention.' The Cambridge School Committee plans to update its current policy on menstrual health in order to ensure that products are accessible in a gender-inclusive, clear, and equitable way."

Following up on concerns raised by a student journalist in this article, and working in collaboration with Student School Committee Members and School Committee colleagues Vice Chair Rachel and Member Hunter, David drafted an updated menstrual equity policy that encompasses gender inclusivity, greater accessibility, and better communication. This was passed by the full School Committee.

The Crimson: “Cambridge Public School Committee Reiterates Commitment to AP African American Studies Amid National Strife”

“'I think this really shows the power of an inclusive curriculum,' Weinstein added. 'You certainly can’t understand American history if you don’t understand Black history — you can’t understand world history if you don’t understand Black history.'”


Register Forum: “Cambridge School Committee Fights Back Against Hate”

“'We see you. We have your back. We’re a community of allies,' said School Committee Member David Weinstein during a meeting on March 7th. In light of the recent antisemitic incident, committee members decided that an update to Cambridge Public School’s hate policy was necessary. This update was unanimously adopted."


Cambridge Day: “Ethiopian Day Festival forms real community despite what’s happening globally or online”

"David Weinstein, a Cambridge School Committee member, attended as well, getting a chance to meet or reconnect with neighbors. 'I deeply appreciate that the Ethiopian community has welcomed me to events such as this one,' he said. 'I want every community in Cambridge to know that their hopes, concerns, questions and ideas are important to our public schools. We’re fortunate to have a large and active Ethiopian community in the Cambridge Public Schools, and events like this help us build important relationships and understanding – while we enjoy great food, great music and family activities.'"

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